Advanced Tech View on Edge Computing for AI Featured in Latest FTM by Future Electronics

Summary: Future Electronics is featuring a Technical View on different approaches to edge computing for AI applications in the latest issue of Future Technology Magazine.

Montreal, Canada – December 28, 2019 – Future Electronics, a global leading distributor of electronic components, is featuring an in-depth Technical View about different approaches to edge computing for AI applications in the latest issue of Future Technology Magazine (FTM).

Sophisticated and complex applications of Artificial Intelligence (AI), such as autonomous vehicles, have to take safety-critical decisions in nanoseconds without ever making a mistake. The lives of an autonomous vehicle’s occupants, as well as other road users, depend on the ability of high-powered Graphics Processing Units (GPUs) and complex neural network algorithms to recognize in real time objects such as pedestrians, cyclists, traffic lights and road warning signs.

For many applications, the right choice might be to perform AI inferencing at the edge, rather than in the cloud. The hardware to enable this exists today, and it is the same hardware with which embedded developers are already familiar. Some applications do not even need a neural network, and where a simpler algorithm is effective, the hardware to support it can be simpler too.

This Technical View by Future’s in-house experts explores the advantages of performing AI inferencing at the edge. It includes an overview of the various hardware requirements and options for different inferencing techniques, and shows how predictive maintenance applications can run well on an MCU, and why image recognition is well-suited to an FPGA.

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